Here I will only put the general sources I used. All the precise and detailed pages will be in the “Resources” article.

  • is a website about Half-Life news and tutorials.
  • TF2MAPS is a website about maps for Team Fortress 2, which is also built with the Source Engine.
  • Steam Tool Discussions¬†Forum on Stean User’s Forums is a forum dedicated to Source creation. It can be about materials, models, maps, C++ coding, and whatever related to Source SDK.
  • Valve Developer Community is a kind of Valve API. There are tutorials, details about Hammer Editor and its content, tips and tricks to help developers, etc.


To create this mod and its content, I used several tools, sources and resources. This article is the first in a serie which aim is to compile and unite these sources, to help modders in finding information.

This article will just list the tools I used, for what and where they can be found / downloaded.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (Professional Version): due to the fact that I’m a student, I got a free and legal copy of the software. See Microsoft DreamSpark for more information. I used this software to modify a VS project file, in order to create and then compile the mod.
  • Valve’s Hammer Editor: it’s a free software, published by Valve, who also created the game “Half-Life 2”, which I am also using as a game basis. The Valve’s Hammer Editor is free to use, if you have a Steam account (which is free to create), and at least one of the game using the Source engine (if you want to mod for HL2, you have to possess it).
  • One of the many targa converter: .tga is a file format used by Valve. More information here.
  • VTFEdit: it’s a free tool used to create and convert VTF and VMT files, created by a modder (Nem). You can find his website here. He also created several tools to ease modders work, as the Terrain Generator.
  • IcoFX: it’s a paid (with time-limited free version) icon creation software. I used it to create the icon of the game, in a better way than using Paint.
  • Error Fixer: a useful tool for mappers, to detect what’s wrong in the compile log of the Hammer Editor, and it provides also a bunch of solutions.