About the project

This project was created during a three-months internship. The main objective of this internship was to improve an existing device, which uses virtual reality to help patients recover from brain damage, such as memory loss or equilibrium disorder.

It consists in a Wii Balance Board connected to a PC, which runs maps for the game “Half-Life 2”, by Valve Corporation. The PC also runs a GlovePIE script, which allows to control the balance board behaviour. This system (balance board + script + HL2) was, when I arrived, complex and not optimized for a simple use. So my work was to improve it and to optimize it so it can be used by anyone, especially people without any understanding of computing, computers or games. I was also asked to create more maps (more exercises), to help patients with different tasks, different difficulty levels and different environments.

I decided to unite all existing maps (and future maps also) into a complete modification (mod) of the game “Half-Life 2: Episode 2” to ease the use of this system. My objective is that this mod could be used by patients themselves, at home, without needing help from their doctors, or from a technician. Creating a mod also allows me to follow my work after the end of this internship, to resolve users problems, to add new content… and to open it to further cooperation between universities around the world.

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