Resources: Valve’s API

I continue with the list of the pages I used the most on Valve’s Developer Community, or also called Valve’s API. There are in fact two lists: pages about mapping, and those about modding.



  • Ending a Portal map: a small tutorial about ending maps like Portal’s bonus maps.
  • Hammer Hotkey Reference: the complete list of all the shortcuts on Valve’s Hammer Editor.
  • 3D Skybox: an explanation of what they are, what is their purpose, how to do them (though I recommend following the tutorial I gave in this article).
  • Sky list: a list of all the different skybox textures, organized by Source games and mods.
  • Filter Applications: filters are a good way to authorize or forbid actions or events in a map. For example, I used some filter_activator_class in the map “Open Ground Park” to trigger the trashcans into recognizing the cans.
  • Filter_activator_class: a filter that will only allow (or forbid, depending on how you configure it) objects or entities from the specified class.
  • logic_case, logic_timer, math_counter: those are entities I tried to use to make a custom chronometer. I failed, but you can still try to do it, or try inventing something else: these tools are powerful.



  • Mod wizard complete: that’s the first page you get after successfully installing the mod wizard. It gives starting pages to create your own mod.
  • Category: Modding: this is an organized page around modding. Modding implies several domains: Advice, Getting started, Releasing, Source’s features, Modifying the menu interface, General scripting, and of course the Community.
  • Gameinfo.txt: it’s maybe the most important file when starting modding, because it tells the game engine where textures have to be picked in order to use them in-game. The tutorial about fixing HL mods on SteamPipe is directly linked to that file.
  • Non-code mod settings: the files listed here are those I modified the most, with those of the following link. You don’t need any programming skills in C++ to modify or to understand them. These files can change the interface, its items displayed, its panels, etc. They do not change the behaviour of the game itself.
  • Adding chapters to your mod: Having 32 chapters in my mod, I used quite a lot this page. It explains all the different steps you have to follow to add a chapter to your mod. Beware, the maximum number of chapters displayed in the “new game” menu is 32, unless you know where that parameter is defined (which I don’t, alas).

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