First complete version

I am going to the end of my internship, so here is the first major version of my Mod.

So, let’s describe what this mod can do for you.

This mod has 39 exercises, on 7 different maps. Each map exists on several versions, with different exercises, aims and difficulty levels. All the details are available in the manual, which can be found here in a PDF version, or here with the mod itself.

You can of course contact me to ask more questions, should you have some.

I managed to solve the problem I had yesterday, and everything is fine now.

I described in the manual how to launch a map manually, with the developer’s console, but here it is again:

when the console is opened (always if everything is normal), type in “map map_name”, without the ” “. For example: map lab01-mov01. Then hit enter, wait for a minute, and the map will launch.

The complete list of all map names is included in the mod manual, with the associated game title. You can also find a short description of each map in the manual (main objective, senses used).

David R.

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